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I began to have piano lessons at the age of twelve and immediately developed a passion for music. I entered Uludag University, Bursa and studied classical guitar and piano between in 1986. After the graduation, I became a lecturer at the same university and began teaching guitar. I moved to England in 1991 and I turned my energies into composing music. I studied music composition with Sıdıka Özdil in London and soon progressed an interest in contemporary music.

I entered Middlesex University, London and continued to study composition with Deborah Morrison between 1994-1997. In here I explored and experimented with new music. After the graduation, I opened a recording studio and worked as a composer, producer, guitarist and songwriter. Taking inspiration from formal classical training to the various types of music, music-technology and my special interest in visual art, I developed an interest in film music. This motivated me to study Composing for Film and TV at Kingston University, London between 2009-2010.

I am currently working as a freelance composer, producer and guitarist in London.
- Faruk Ceviz